This sectional is NOT about technology! It is about Learning!!

Transformation of Learning:

Who are the Learners of the 21st Century?
What kind of teacher are you?
How has learning changed? How were people learning before the invention of...
  • Printing Press
  • Computer
  • Internet

"Before you can deal with change, however, you have to see it. Then you have to accept it. Sometimes that's the hardest part--acknowledging and accepting that the way you've business and lived your life just won't work anymore."
Lee Iacocca, "Where Have All the Leaders Gone?" 2007. p.113
Thanks to Wes Fryer for this quote

You are learning from somewhere?

Where do you do your professional Learning?

I’ve claimed my own frustration at teachers who ask, “But who’s going to teach me how to do that?” Sadly, we are a generation who was taught how to be taught — not how to teach ourselves. It’s one of the many reasons why the experiences that our children have in the classroom must become much more self-directed, relevant, and rich. They/we need to learn to teach ourselves. Teachers shouldn’t need professional development. They should be saying, hey, I’m going to teach myself how to do that this weekend. It’s about life long learning. Not about a life of being taught.

(Don't remember where I got this quote? It was from a blog article last year!)

Does sharing make you nerveous?

Sharing is a Threat Mark Pesce--Thanks mrsdurff for the heads up about the video!
Hypermimesis--ability to mimic the behaviors of others. Observational learning (accelerated).

What does a our learning look like today:

  • Sharing
  • Conversation
  • Collaboration
  • Collective Action
Clay Shirky"Here Comes Everybody"

What makes learning networks possible now and not 20 years ago?

Low Barrier to Creation and Sharing--more democratic

High Capacity for Constant communication---no longer place based, the network can follow us.

Simulated Reality--now have collective experience (video, Second Life, MMORPG)
(George Siemens--University of Manitoba)

Do I have a vested interest in helping others? What reason do I have to participate with others in an online community?
"Digital Yodas"--Wesley Fryer

Picture of PLN for you and your students:

According to Wil Richardson, Educational Consultant,
why create a learning network?

Tools of the learning network:

Social Networks--TECHLS, Classroom 2.0
Blogs--pay attention to the "blog roll." It's about connecting with other people
DIIGO--Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff.
RSS & Feed Reader-- Google Readers, BlogLines, NetVibes
K12ONLINE Conference
Second Life-Educational Consultant--David Warlick Second Life Primer for teachers

Stages of PLN adoption--Jeff Utecht
Stages of PLN adoption--Jeff Utecht

I don't have time to be part of a Professional Learning Network!! Check out these two videos from Clay Shirky Part 1, Part 2
Promotional Poster I made just playing around with Glogster!