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North Southeast South West Great Plains

Northern Native Americans

Southeastern Native Americans

Southern Native Americans

Western Native Americans

The Pomo Tribe:
Resouce1. All of the pomo tribeis made up of poeple who escaped,ran away,or was kicked out of there original tribe. They were not very social poeple. Thay have a very strange languagevsince they meet with anyone.The pomo tribe completely relies on sea food for there meals every day. Resource found by Wikipedia, searched Pomo poeple.
Resource2. The Pomo tribe gathered everything they could to stay alive,including acorns for flower,water and crushed beans mixed for a drink,and so much more.Resource found by book, and family.
Resource 3. They lived on the Pacific coast to the north of San Francisco
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The Tlingit - 1.) They are form the west. The climate is mild. They have a reliable food sorce. They depend on the resouces from the sea and forest to live in the west. They built wooden houses, conoes, cloth, and baskets made from tree bark. They mainly ate fish from the coast and rivers caught with traps and spears. They smoked the slamon over fires to preserve it. some of the other tribes in the west were Haida and Chinook.
This information came from :

Appleby, Joyce, Alan Brinkley, Albert S. Broussard, James McPherson, Donald A. Ritchie, and The National Geograpic Society. The American Republic to 1877. United States: The McGraw- Hill Companies, 2003.
2.) They lived in what is now called Alaska. They had most of thir interaction with other people threw trade, such as the Europeans and the other western tribes. They had ceremonial dress including some carved mask, weapons, and "Chilikat" robes. The dress robes sometimes were fringed, multicolored or were fur trimmed. The designs on the ceremonial clothes were mostly animals depict to that faimly or area. They had hats of roots and tey wore ear and nose rings. Tattoos and disk pierced through the lower lip were alos common to see. They even had some myths.
This information came from: Marin, K..13 sep 2006. <>

Great Plains Native Americans

Nez Perce 1. Curtis, Edward. "Native Americans." 10 Sep 2006 <>. 2. "Nez perce." __Wikipedia__. 7/September/2006. 10 Sep 2006 <>. (lauren)**?leone&action=edit|Cleone and Duncan's Point.Resource found by: encyclopedia native americans.

Audrey's Resource's

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Physical Geography of the Great Plains
-prairie lands
-made up of streams, valleys, grasslands, and hills
-trees are scarce
-Summers often hot, 100 degrees
-Winters often long and cold, 40 degrees with heavy snow
-Great Plains located from the Mississippi River, to the Rocky Mountains,
-often flooded

Interaction With Others


Living Conditions

The Blackfoot indians were nomadic. They had few possessions and all portable, allowing easy travels to new homes.