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Technology plays an important role in our society

Technology/Internet is more social now than it has ever been

  • That's what makes it a prime tool for EC teachers. Can you think of a more social bunch.
  • Using social media technology with PS--Facebok took 5 years to have the number of users that took Televsion 89 years to attract. How much Television gets used in preschools? Typically you want to limit screen time because we are busy engaging students creatively and socially. But if this NEW screen time allows for increased ability to be creative and can connect you socially to others? This is new! Broadcast media v. Communication media
  • "Technology doesn't make us social, it influences our behaviors" "We now experience collectively"

Students should be social in their learning

  • Non-consumption uses of technology
  • Tearing down the walls in the classroom--take your classroom to the world.
  • connective ability of technology
  • Kids Love to Share!


Online Video Sharing:

Teachers should be social in their practice--Modeling is important!

Developing a professional learning network--Who are the people that you learn from?

  1. Do you use your cell phone in class appropriately? Don't use it during school? Consider using it intentionally to model best practices.
  2. Let your kids "see" you doing as much as possible on the computer to reinforce appropriate skills and patterns.

Role of technology in early literacy in the preschool (Dr. Julie Coiro, University of Rhode Island) http://coiropreschool.wikispaces.com/

Digital Sandbox Great Tools for Preschoolers

Essential Questions for classroom use:
  1. Does it fit with my classroom objectives?
  2. Does this tool compliment what I'm doing in class or replace it?

VT in the Classroom - The ultimate collection of Voicethread projects by TechieTeacher

Visually themed items for education:http://www.kitzu.com/

'school friends'