What is a blog?

  1. Blogging is about reading and writing.
  2. Literacy is about reading and writing.
  3. Blogging is about literacy.
(dfw) Dave Warlick--2Cents Worth

"Blogging is something defined by format and process, not by content." Stephen Downes

Why blog?

Education Blogosphere Survey--Dr. Scott McLeod
Good Blogging=Good Writing--Effective Literacy
Session One
Session Two
Session Three


Student Blogging

Blogging engines available to educators:

How to add a link inside a Blogger post
How to embed a YouTube video in a Blogger post

CLASS BLOGMEISTERA free blogging engine designed and maintained by ed tech consultant Dave Warlick. It has a very strong email community for asking questions and getting accurate and prompt answers.
http://classblogmeister.com/?blog=rethink-- Creating a school activation code
http://davidwarlick.com/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.ClassBlogmeisterWiki --Documentation Wiki

Personal Blogs--Creating a personal Blogger Account

Blogging for professional development
The ChurchDoor

What makes a good student blogger?

  1. What does "good writing" look like?
  2. utilizes hyperlinked text
  3. insert images
  4. Responsive
  5. Read, Read, Read
  6. Shows the critical thinking/problem solving is taking place. Articulates new ideas and new understandings based on previous learning.
  7. Here's what the "Blog Father" would say--http://weblogg-ed.com/2004/blogging-thoughtsagain/
  8. Embedding Media
  9. http://coolcatteacher.blogspot.com/2006/03/ten-habits-of-bloggers-that-win.html

Safety and Appropriateness

L.A.R.K. (Legal, Appropriate, Responsible, Kind)--Pamela Livingston
Code of Conduct --Dave Warlick

Exceptional Uses
http://hopeblog.ethink.org.uk/--Hope CE Primary School is a small school in rural Shropshire, UK

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