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This is a place for in-service handouts, conference materials, or general Ed Tech resources. Wikis are a wonderfully collaborative environment! I hope you all take time to contribute as you see fit.
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Missouri District Educator's Conference 2015

Planning and Implement a BYOD

Missouri District Professional Church Worker's Conference 2014

Technology Boundaries in a Digital Age

LESA In-Service

February 18, 2014

Remembering, Understanding, & Applying Bloom's Digital Taxonomy PK-2 Teachers

Creating with Bloom's Digital Taxonomy 2-5 Teachers

Missouri District Educator's Conference 2012

Online Professional Learning Session - Tuesday, 11/20/2012

Google Earth

Early Childhood Technology

"I've got a laptop, now what do I do with it" Hope Lutheran School--St. Ann, MO


Wonderful World of Wiki's

St. John Hot Topics

Microsoft Office Presentations (Work in Progress)

Professional Learning Network Preso (Work in Progress)

SMARTBoard In-Service Resources (Newly Updated)

LESA-- Blogging – Getting Beyond the “Buzz” and Into Best Practices

Lutheran Elementary School Association -- The 21st Century Educator

Lutheran Elementary School Association--Blogging--For the Classroom and Beyond

St. John Professional Development

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