21st Century Educators "Emphasis on 'Learners"

Did You Know 2.0---Karl Fisch

"For the first time in history, our job as educators is to prepare our children for a future that we cannot clearly describe"--David Warlick

Copyright 2007 Dave Warlick

Are you preparing students for THEIR future, or for YOUR past??

Do you recognize the fundamental shifts that have taken place in our world with in the past 10 years? 5 years?

This is a difficult time to be a teacher! Our world is changing and so is our role in the classroom. Kids are using technology outside the classroom and learning outside the classroom in ways that are not congruent with how we teach in the classroom.

What would you do with this?

Students have Access to information that surpasses our ability as teachers to keep up.--How to fix a butterflies wing

There is Power in the Network! All those kids who are posting online, where are they learning to do that? If they aren't learning it from us, then from where??

  • The New WWW "Time and Place Shifting"--Synchronous v. Asynchronous
    • Whatever
    • Whenever
    • Whereever
  • » in the same time and space
  • » at the same time in different spaces
  • » at different times in the same space
  • » at different times and in different spaces

What positive affects does this have on your classroom?

"Participatory Society"
What tools encourage students to participate?

Do you publish??

!Remixed Learning!

Tools of the trade: Web 2.0 Tools

What are you doing to connect with with other professionals?? techls.ning.com ; K12Online Conference ;Introductory Keynote by Dave Warlick